c-35 "Flower Petal Platter"

c-36 "Round Ridged Plate"

c-37 "Generic Plate"

c-38 "Bird and Fruit Plate"

c-41" Heart Plate"

c-43 "Small Basic Plate"

c-46 "Small Plate with Circle Grooves"

c-50 "Large Cappuccino Cup"

c-53 "Coffee Cup"

c-56 "Braided Beer Mug"

c-39 "Dinner Plate"

c-40 Deep Pie Plate"

c-40 "Deep Pie Plate"

c-41a "Plaque"

c-44 "Thin Simple Plate"

c-48 "Bowl With Lines"

c-51 "Teddy Bear Mug"

c-54 "Teacup With Jewel"

c-57 "Milk Bottle"

c-42 "Plain Plate"

c-45 "Clover and Grass Plate"

c-49 "Small Flower Pitcher"

c-52 "Fruit Cups"

c-55 "Simple Teacup"

c-58 "Flower Mug"

c-59 "Hummingbird Cup"

c-60 "Eagle Coffee Cup"

c-61 "Small Cappuccino Cup"

c-62 "Cute Teapot"

c-63 "Mason Jar Mug"

c-64 "Two Piece Mug With Handle"

c-66 "Bamboo Bowl"

c-67 "Bird Pitcher"

c-69 "Wavy Bowl"

c-70 "Small Plain Bowl"

c-71 "Pleated Bowl"

c-72 "French Country Teapot"

c-73 "Poinsetta Bowl"

c-75 "Plain Bowl"

c-78 "Large Jar"

c-83 "Lavish Pitcher"

c-85 "Stein"

c-87 "Spoon"

c-88 "Salt and Pepper Shaker"

c-90 "Flower Soap Dish"

c-119 "Four Small Jars"

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