3D books

The 3D books are folded paper built into sculptures.  Each student personalizes them using their initial(s) and a theme..



This project uses geometric and organic shapes to form a series of repeating patterns.


Clay Monsters

The clay monsters take two sessions to create.  The first class is the shaping of the clay using the pinch and coil methods of construction to make the monster's body.  The second class explains the firing process and we glaze them.  Monsters are picked up after the second firing.


Self Portrait

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With guest artist Lizi Campbell members of Open Studio used acrylic paint to replicate photos of their own faces.

Spider-web painting


Using Water colors the open studio class applied paint over rubber cement in the shape of a spider web. Sprinkling sugar ontop of it gives is a unique splotched design.



Ink block printing


Glazing ceramics and Textured slabs


Bracelet and necklace weaving



Wire Animals


Plaster Faces

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Art classes for all ages and abilities

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