Description:  Simple geometric patterns of 10 pieces or less.  These pieces are designed to be completed during one two-hour class session.   Basic instruction in choosing appropriate glass, marking and cutting a pattern, glass cutting technique, grinding and safety instruction are taught.   Final pieces will be either soldered by the instructor, an appropriately trained assistant or the student may learn soldering technique by taking an intermediate level course.  Course fee $ _________.

b-1 "Simple Geometric Star"

b-4 " Geometric Star"

b-2 "Simple Geometric Snowflake"

b-2 "Simple Geometric Snowflake"

b-5 " Geometric Teardrop"

b-3 "Simple Geometric Rectangle"

b-6 " Geometric Panel"

b-7 " Geometric Panel"

b-8 " Geometric Frame"

b-9 " Parrot"

b-10 " Tropical Fish"

b-11 " Simple Geometric Square"

Art classes for all ages and abilities

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